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It is a well-known fact that music education offers numerous benefits in your child’s development. According to www.schoolmusictoday.com music education assists in developing brain areas involved in language and reasoning; stimulates spatial intelligence; teaches the child to think creatively and to solve problems; it enhances teamwork skills and teaches discipline. It is an excellent means of self-expression since it focuses on "doing" as opposed to observing.

We offer lessons in piano, recorder, keyboard, guitar and drums.

You need not buy music books since you can obtain them on loan from the Centre.

Grade 2 learners enjoy the benefit of group classes which provide them with a solid basis for future practical lessons.

Below are the information letters and application forms for Grade 2 group music and a 2nd form and application form for learners from Grade 3 and up.

If you are interested, you can obtain the application forms by downloading it or at the Music Centre during the week from 13:00 – 16:45. For more information please contact Mrs. Smith 083 412 3019 or email sonshinesmith@gmail.com