Junior hockey is offered to children aged between 6 and 10 years old. It is here, where the fundamental skills are practised. The core focus is for the players to have fun while equipping them with the necessary skills needed in the senior teams. Junior hockey definitely adds value to any child's life, through social interaction and physical development.

On average Potchefstroom Central School have about 40 boys and girls who participate in practices twice a week for 45 minutes. One practice is dedicated to basic skills development, while the other is solely for matches. The school takes part in mini hockey tournaments which is the perfect place to show everyone how much we've learned while having the time of our lives.


The motto that the senior hockey teams live by is "hard-work plus discipline equals enjoyment".

Senior hockey is offered to children aged between 11 and 13 years old. In order for the children to improve and progress beyond the basic skills, Potchefstroom Central School works together with student coaches who play hockey for the local North-West University. With the student's expertise, in the ever-evolving sport, the girls and boys senior hockey teams compete in the North West Hockey League, as well as other tournaments over the course of the season.

The hard-work and enjoyment are reflected in the number of provincial representatives from our school. These players practise with the provincial team, in addition to the school team, because they participate in the national provincial tournaments across the country.

 Over the last year alone our hockey has gone from strength to strength and the participation numbers have increased dramatically, proving that there is not only a competitive nature but also a social vibe at hockey. 

Contact Person:

Mrs J Killassy-Prior

018-297 3846 (w)