In 1903, The Central Schools, which were government, were housed in buildings on the site where the present Police Station now stands.  The school formed the nucleus for the High School for Boys, the High School for Girls and the Central School.

On Wednesday 1 February 1905, the present High School for Boys was opened, and the Central School was divided into High School for Boys with a Preparatory Department, and the Girls' Secondary School also with a Preparatory Department.  When the High School for Girls was opened on October 1914 in the present buildings, it still retained its Preparatory Department, and it was not until the present Central School was opened in April 1924, that they lost the Primary section of the school.

The present school was opened on 23 April 1924 and Miss E. van Huyssteen acted as Principal.  The rest of the staff was Mesdames Beared, Keightly and Misses Gatt, Wilkinson, Pudney, Gardiner and Glockman.  Mr Strassheim was the Inspector of Education.

The preparatory section of the High School for Girls and the English-speaking boys from North School were transferred to the Central School.

On 25 April the school was officially opened by the Administrator, Prof. J.H. Hofmeyer.  Members of his Executive Committee, members of the School Board,  principals of local schools and parents were also present at the occasion.   There were 236 children on the roll.

Miss Van Huyssteen acted as Principal until 27 January 1925 after which Mr T. Morris was appointed the permanent Principal.

On 17 January 1933 Mr J.P. Pretorius succeeded Mr Morris as Principal.  From the beginning of 1941 Standard 6 pupils attended the High School.

In August 1947 Mr J.D. Martindale became Principal.  In March 1955 hostels to accommodate 120 boys and girls were opened by the Administrator, Rev. W. Nicol.

In January 1972 Mr J.J. Watt became Principal.  He retired in December 1996.  Mrs D.M. van Rensburg acted as Principal from January 1997 until March 1998.  On 1 April she was appointed as Principal. She retired in December 2009 after which Mr van den Berg was appointed the Principal.