Potchefstroom Central School is an English Medium Primary School with ideals based on strong Values.   We adhere to the traditions of the school, which have been upheld for many years, but in keeping with the spirit of change and advancement we acknowledge, and respect other religions and cultures.  The motto of our school is "I Serve",  which incorporates the service of the school to the community, the Educators to the service of the holistic development of the learners, and the service of the learners, to show their respect for the school which will equip them with a sense of balance, a deep respect for others and a will to strive towards excellence.

We take great pride in our school and instil this into our learners.  Educators have a high degree of professionalism and loyalty and pass this on to the learners by example.

Our school endeavours to provide the very best for every child.   We aim to provide a rich variety of learning experiences and to cultivate all those virtues and skills that lead towards rewarding, happy and successful lives.  To this end, parents are expected to pay the school fees as determined at the A.G.M.  When applying for admission for a child, parents must consider the financial implications and make a commitment.


To move towards developing excellence in education by providing a model for life-long learning. 


We are committed to: 

  • recognising and developing the unique potential of each individual;
  • maintaining a balance between spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting activities in order to encourage the all-round development of our learners;
  • maintain and upgrade facilities to enhance development by means of sound financial management;
  • nurturing a challenging environment, conducive to critical thinking and decision-making;
  • creating a safe, warm, secure, disciplined environment conducive to learning through the expertise of qualified, professional and motivated staff;
  • to maintain respect for diversity by celebrating differences  between people and regarding those differences as opportunities for learning.
  • develop a community of leaders where everyone has a chance to exercise leadership in certain ways at some time;
  • equipping learners to participate effectively in a common future with all South Africans by promoting respect, accepting responsibility, fostering integrity, initiative and self-esteem.


  • An excellent academic education;
  • A dynamic staff  -  dedicated to their tasks;
  • Excellent facilities including an 'up-to-date' Information Technology Centre which caters for all our learners;
  • A variety of extra-curricular activities such as athletics, cricket, swimming, hockey, mini-hockey, netball, tennis, ball-skills, debating club and, of course, a very talented choir.
  • There are a number of  privately run services also available, such as lessons in Portuguese, Occupational / Speech Therapy, Edukwanda (Kids' Development Programme) Speech & Drama and coaching in various sports.

About Our School

Potchefstroom Central School is an English Medium Primary School with ideals based on strong belief. Read More

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North West
South Africa
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Public Holidays for 2021

New Years Day 1 January
Human Rights Day 21 March
Public Holiday 22 March
Good Friday 2 April
Family Day 5 April
School Holiday 26 April
Freedom Day 27 April
Worker's Day 1 May
Youth Day 16 June
National Woman's Day 9 August
Heritage Day 24 September
Day of Reconciliation 16 December
Christmas Day 25 December
Day of Good Will 26 December

School Terms for 2021

1st Term 15 February - 23 April
2nd Term 3 May - 9 July
3rd Term 26 July - 1 October
4th Term 11 October - 15 December